My name is Sohrab. I’m a blogger, photographer and a Freelance Writer from Iran. My mother language is Kurdish and the second one is Persian and able to use professionally Japanese and English too. Graduated from the University of Tehran and already graduate student in the field of International Japanese Social Science at the University of Tsukuba in Japan. I’m also a poem writer, dreamer, wanderer and totally crazy for adventure traveling and photography and finding ways for building peace. We need more peace for our world, need more patience with each other, need more consciousness for being in love with the peaceful world and the people in it! we usually love traveling but it would not be grateful and enjoyable. Sometimes we have to travel and have no another alternative. It is that times we have been displaced or enforced to leave home(land, country or town)…refugees and dispersed peoples are the same cases we should understand their travel’s suffering…here we are to vote our abilities to make a better life overflowed with kindness and humanity.

Five years ago I traveled to Japan for the first time as a guide-interpreter during a cultural and educational exchange workshop for world peace in the Kyoto Museum for World Peace. My story began with just two things – my backpack and my camera. I had no fixed plans or any abroad travel experience. I embraced a life of uncertainty to live my passions and dreams. It wasn’t easy. I’m free and happy. Life is good! ☺

I first started working as a blogger, 5 years ago. Writing came sooner, Here is my space where I share my ideas, stories from my adventures around the world. Also, I want to live the life of my dreams and explore my beautiful world…

sohrab Ahmadian

ソホラブ アフマディヤーン